Learning More About Table Linens

Table linens are very beautiful and everyone wants fine linens. Why? This is because such linens are very smooth, elegant and made from linen or cotton. There are differences between the two materials that every linen lover or those who plan to purchase linens should know. Linen comes from the flax plant and it has a lightier and crispier feel to it. Also, it is absorbent and lint-free. On the other hand, cotton comes from the cotton plant and it is more substantial and prone to more shrinkage than line. However, both fabrics are still highly absorbent, durable and they become softer with use.

Plain white table linens are used for formal occasions and damask weave is considered the most formal over the Jacquard weaver. However, linen or cotton, it considered appropriate for formal occasions. So, if you have a formal occasion to host, these table linens are perfect for you.

You should know that table linens come in many colors and they are very ideal to use for holidays, seasons or themed table settings. When you are shopping for table linens, here are some things that you should remember:

  1. Fabric – look for tablecloths or table runners and other table linens that are made from natural fibers because these are softer and more luxurious in appearance. As mentioned above, linen and cotton are the two most common materials that are very affordable but you should know that both requires more care to keep then looking good. However, there are linens that are made from synthetic fabric like polyester or nylon. If you choose linens that are made of cotton, keep in mind that it will need gentle washing and ironing for it to look crisp and clean. On the other hand. Synthetic linens can easily be washed and they don’t wrinkle that much. When talking about longevity, natural fabrics are more durable because they can withstand use for many years.
  2. The drop length – the drop length of table linens will indicate the amount of fabric that hangs down from table edges reaching the floor.

Learning these two wonderful tips will help you find the best linen for you among the many designs and lengths of table linens in the market today. You can also put linens on trade show table covers for an elegant look just as long as it will match whatever it is that you’re promoting.

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