Line wrench

There are many different types of wrenches and a line wrench is one of them. A line wrench is also called a flare nut wrench that is used to tighten or loosen flare nuts at the connections of hydraulic or fuel lines. It is a variation of an open end wrench and is also used for repairing automotive air conditioning lines. It has a small opening unlike the box end wrench and it is just large enough to slip over a hydraulic line and then slip onto the nut. This allows the wrench to give a better bite and also prevents it from stripping the nut.

This tool is best used if you are working with any type of fitting that is in-line such as brake line, fuel line or any type of cable. It is said as well that this particular wrench is a life saver, if you read above you will know why. There are many manufacturers of such wrench and it can be bought easily on your local hardware stores or even online. You don’t have to worry about difficulties on finding such wrench because this wrench is very useful and helpful to mechanics and other situations as well.

Getting the right size of your line wrench

Remember that there are also different sizes that you need to choose from and it depends on what particular job you will use the line wrench. Also, this wrench can work best with very tight bolts and nuts with high-level of torque because of its circular end or 12pt. Flower type end giving lesser “slips” to the user. Unlike open wrenches that can only hold 2 sides of the hexagonal bolt and nut which has the tendency to slip if you exert too much force. That is one advantage of a line wrench. Line wrenches have the ability to rightly fit on the bolts and nuts. Line wrench is usually longer than the open wrench .

Buying a line wrench online

Also, a line wrench has tapered opposite ends allowing you to tighten and detach bolts and nuts without sacrificing its performance. Going to Google and searching about this type of wrench will lead you to thousands of search results which revolve around the different manufacturers of the particular wrench. You are lucky enough to have come across this article as this gives you more information on the line wrench. one simple tool is not so simple anymore if you look at its whole meaning through words and its uses, but it gave you a more detailed idea. To simplify everything, a line wrench is a good tool and a Universal tool, in fact that can be used in almost everything.

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