Linen Pants

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you could always wear linen pants. Before anything else, it is important that you know what is linen. Linen is known to be oldest woven fabrics in our history. It is made from flax plant and this material was once considered only suitable for royalty. It is an expensive fabric to manufacture as the material used for it, which is the flax plant, is very temperamental to grow and the quality of the finished linen depends largely on the quality of the plant itself. The flax fibers can be found in the stalk, which is picked by hand to preserve the fiber’s integrity – also another reason why it is expensive.


Linen pants may be a bit more expensive than other type of pants but what makes it also very expensive is that anyone can look good in them. These pants are a great way to exactly as sharp or as laid back as you like. Such pants are commonly seen in weddings as proper attire but they are taking the whole fashion industry by storm because linen pants are now often seen at various places.

Linen pants can be pressed to a razor sharp crease without loosing their very comfortable quality. If you’re looking for a pair of these, it is always suggested that you look for a classic fit pair of linen pants for a more casual style, with a straight leg, and you’ll be able to face anything. There are also the loose fit, drawstring linen pants that you can go for if you just want to spend a simple Saturday around the house with your family. You will definitely be at a very relaxed and comfortable state while you’re in these gorgeous pants.

You might also want to check wide cut linen pants as these are very ideal for movement. Wide leg linen pants would be perfect for the gym. If you can find something that is pure linen, you will be able to work out hard and feel the sweat just wicked away from your body. These pants are great for a light workout or a heavier one.

Since linen pants can get a bit pricey, you have to know how to take care of them. You should always follow the instructions on the lave. Remember that it’ll be much safer for you to hand wash it and use a detergent and maybe run a spot test to make sure that the color won’t run. Avoid bleach! Wash it gently and iron it while it’s still a little damp for best results.


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