Looking For Home Inspector Jobs?

Are you looking for home inspector jobs? If you are, you should know that 44% of inspectors are working for local governments, primarily municipal or county building departments. However, there are still a lot of home inspectors that are self-employed.

home inspector jobs

Home inspectors conduct home inspections of newly built or previously owned homes, condominiums, town homes, manufactured homes, apartments and commercial building. Home inspection has become a standard practice in the home-purchasing process. If you are looking for home inspector jobs, home inspectors are often hired by prospective home buyers to inspect and report on the condition of a home’s systems, components, and structure.

Home inspector jobs don’t give home inspectors the power to enforce compliance with the codes since they look for and report violations of building codes. Typically, home inspectors are hired immediately prior to a purchase offer on a home or as a contingency to a sales contract. They are also responsible in inspecting all home systems and features, including roofing and at the exterior like attached garage or carport, foundation, interior, plumbing, and electrical, heating, and cooling systems.

There are plenty of home inspector jobs that one can find online. This is because of the many companies that are looking for inspectors to expand their business and to have more manpower. However, most home inspectors have their own business as there is no need to worry about home inspector salary. In fact, this makes them be in total control of what they’re doing and create strategies to draw potential clients. It is also said that there is a huge amount of income when you are self-employed. That is why according to the statistics, there is a huge percentage of home inspectors who are self-employed.


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