Morton Water Softener

The Morton Water Softener is considered by many as one of the best water softeners out there. Its patented technology “Look Ahead” is one aspect that’s distinct to the brand. The unique innovation that Morton has integrated into its water softener systems has given it an advantage over its competitors. In fact, this specific feature has become the performance standard for water softeners available in the market today.

morton water softener

The “Look Ahead” technology of Morton water softeners makes it a user-friendly and cost-saving device. This technology is incorporated in the operating platform as a predictive behavior system. It is the one responsible for the collection and analysis of the family’s water usage pattern. It outlines a predictive usage template where the time and amount of soft water that will be needed is established. Very convenient indeed!

The technology allows a Morton water softener to accommodate the requirements of the entire household by operating like a centralized vacuum cleaner. Due to its patented technology, the regeneration is done in an efficient manner. Salt is independently expended based on soft water consumption. This predictive system avoids salt pellets wastage and is translated to huge savings. It also allows you to override the program and recharge it immediately, especially during times with abnormal water usage.

Morton Water Softener Models:

Morton System Saver Demand Controlled Water Softener MSD30D

  • Can handle water holding with very high water hardness rating
  • ideal for large households
  • 30000 grains capacity per gallon
  • adopts a whole house system
  • Space saving compact design


  • 27000 grains capacity per gallon
  • Space saving compact design


  • Has the largest grain capacity
  • Can service a higher household size
  • 34000 grains capacity per gallon


  • designed for smaller households
  • 20000 grains capacity per gallon
  • programmer time with a vacation mode feature

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