Mosquito Trap

A mosquito trap is one of the best ways to keep your yard clear of biting mosquitoes. If it’s set-up properly, just a couple of these devices can elminate thousands of mosquitoes and wipe out a local population. The style varies by brand but usually they range from indoor units the size of air purifiers to large units that is similar with barbecue grills. There are others the run on electricity while there are others that are powered by propane tanks.

How does a mosquito trap work?

Place the trap in the yard between the source of mosquitoes and where people usually gather. It is always better to place the trap unwind of the mosquitoes in a shaded spot. This is because mosquitoes find their prey by detecting carbon dioxide, octenol and other chemical odors just like light and heat, most mosquito traps use a combination of articificial smells and lighting displays to lure mosquitoes.

There are some brands that burn propane both to power the trap and to release carbon dioxide while there are others that rely on octenol and a lighting array of oscillating frequencies that are proven to atttract mosquitoes.

Once these mosquitoes get close, fans capture and force them into catch basins or bags or onto sticky boards to die. There are different mosquito species that responds in different ways to the attractants. Before getting one, homeowners should experiments first to find the right combination of stimuli. Also, you must know that a mosquito trap can run continuously while there are some brands that can be set to turn on during peak mosquito hours. It will usually take two months to kills enough mosquitoes to make the population collapse.

How effective is the mosquito trap?

When it comes to the effectiveness, this varies from brand to brand and location to location. The good news is that most mosquito straps are very easy to use which is one big advantage. Consumers don’t want complicated ways to install and to make it work.

There are many brands of mosquito traps that you can find in the market today. So, if you are having problems with mosquitoes in your home and in your yard, it is time that you set up a mosquito trap and get these mosquitoes away before it bites someone.

Mosquito trap

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