Occasional tables

Have you heard of the term “occasional tables”? If you have, you are probably thinking about tables for different events such as birthday parties, weddings, etc. because clearly, the name suggest that! However, you might be surprised to find out what it really means. Occasional tables is just another term for a few different types of tables that we are familiar with. Still confused? Here are some examples for your better understanding.

Lamp table is included in occasional tables. A lamp table is usually at the height of your bed or sofa where you can put your lamp on top of them. You can also put this table near your reading chair, sofa or bed so the lamp can cast light on you so you can still read while your husband or wife is sleeping. Another occasional table are the sofa tables. These are tables that are placed behind the sofa which means that the bigger the sofa, the bigger the sofa table is.

Now, do you get it? Here are some more examples for you to fully get the gist of occasional tables. Coffee tables are considered as an occasional table as well. This table is usually places in front of the sofa in your living room. It is usually low at your knee level. Such table is meant to be used to set down your coffee cups wile you enjoy your favorite brew of coffee or tea.

Accent tables are also included to be part of occasional tables. These tables are usually meant as decoration. Usually, they are placed in the corner of any room such as your living room and you can also put decorative objects such as flower pots or picture frames. Lastly, the end tables are also included in this group of occasional tables. These tables are located at the end of the sofa and its main purpose is to allow you to put down things like magazines, drinks even food.

Now, surely you know the meaning of occasional tables. You can now spring the term in furniture conversations with your friends or family members!

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