Old cannery furniture

The Old Cannery Furniture is warehouse full of furniture located in Washington. This furniture business all started when Tony and Mabeth Grout started an upholstering business in 1953. Tony was the one responsible in designing the sofas and building the frame from lumber that he personally milled from trees he harvested. Mabeth and Tony did the sewing. They didn’t realize back then that they are starting a wonderful business together that’s going to be very successful.

Old Cannery Furniture is one of the largest home furnishing stores on the West Coast today. Although they encountered a lot of stops and bumps along the way, they managed and handled every problem, conflict and challenge that were thrown their way. The strong relationship of Tony and Mabeth Grout and the success they gained earned them a lot of loyal customers up to now. Old neighbors and friends back then were heard saying that they used to buy furniture from their home back in the days and they never thought that that small business can turn into something really big.

Another wonderful thing about the Old Cannery Furniture is you can really feel the love of two people, the founders and the makers of the furniture, Tony and Mabeth Grout. It inspired a lot of people which also helped them gather more customers. Today, more and more visitors from all over the United States always find the time to visit their furniture store when they are in the area.

Aside from this, the Old Cannery Furniture is a favorite among Washington interior designers because they offer a huge selection of furniture from living room up to mattresses. People in the neighborhood are very happy with the store being built near their area because it is very convenient for them and they are very happy and content that they have a wide selection of furniture to choose from. For people who have busy schedules and can’t find the time to visit the warehouse, they have a website that anyone can visit and from there, you can browse through their long list of furniture categories and find something that you like.

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