Paracord Braiding Projects

Do you want to learn how to braid a paracord? When it comes to paracord braiding, there is a lot of knotting and braiding projects that will help you produce useful items. A paracord comes in various colors and thicknesses. It is also known to be a very useful outdoor and survival tool. You see, a completed paracord project can be a life saver in a survival situation. These paracord braiding projects are made with the use of a series of knots to end up with a useful piece.

The use of lanyard
For paracord braiding, a lanyard will be a good starting project to learn how to knot a paracord. A lanyard is made with a single piece of paracord, and it will provide a hand filling attachment to the important stuff. It has a clip on one end and you can use the other to be a key ring or pocket knife.

Paracord bracelet
Your next paracord braiding project can be a paracord bracelet. You can make a bracelet out of a paracord with the use of a side release buckle. This buckle is like the plastic buckels on backpacks and messenger bags. Once completed, a paracord bracelet will give you a handy way to carry around three yards of paracord for when you need it the most.

A watchband made of paracord is simply the bracelet style of knot tying done twice. The same type of side-release plastic buckle can be used to provide a secure fitting watch. This is also a very useful paracord braiding project.

Yes, you can make a pouch out of a paracord. Paracord pouches can be used in many applications. For people who love the outdoors and spend most of their time camping, hiking, etc. this will be a great way to store their multitools like GPS receivers or flashlights.

Paracord braiding projects will definitely inspire you to start with one project and move to another. What’s best about them is that once you have mastered each project, you can start selling stuff out of paracord. We all know that paracord bracelets are the thing nowadays because of the high demand for them. Immerse yourself in paracord braiding and you will benefit from it a lot. You will enjoy the whole process as well.

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