Peepee Teepee review

Pee Pee Teepee will provide moms and even dads an easier time when changing baby’s nappy. Let’s face it; it is very unavoidable not to get wet because of babies wee especially when changing his nappy. This pee pee teepee will be a lifesaver because this is a tent-like device that is used to cover your baby’s penis during the very challenging diaper changes and preventing you from getting sprayed by his pee. No more smelling like wee or have it go directly in your mouth (which can be really disgusting even if he’s your kid, like c’mon, who wants some wee inside their mouths?) this is also very useful during strolling and family outings especially if you’ve forgotten to bring a spare of clothes.

This product comes in a set of five teepees made from terry-lined cotton for absorbability. Each product has a laundry bag which can contain used ones.  It is washable which is very convenient so you need not buy anymore once you have some, it can be washed through hand or machine. This also comes in different designs and colors which will be perfect for your little ones!

We all know that changing a baby boy can be tricky! New moms will be surprised that the stories are true, it may sound funny but once you’re in the situation you can’t help but to search for a solution for this. Good thing there is a solution now which makes mothers more comfortable and at-ease when changing their little boys that can sometimes get rowdy during nappy changes. The good thing is it’s 100 percent cotton so you don’t have to worry about rashes!

Great gift for a baby shower! This Peepee Teepee set of 5 comes in cute baby blue washable cotton. Available on Amazon for $9.01. Click on pic for more details.

If you’re looking for pee pee teepees and you can’t find one in your local baby stores, you might as well check the Internet. The Internet will give you more options and you get to choose from a lot of cute designs which will be perfect for your little boy. This can’t be used by girls and strictly for boys only! We don’t have problems with girls, right? In fact, there’s a big difference when changing a girl’s nappy compared with changing a boy’s nappy. Both may get rowdy but the boy only has the ability to spray us with wee.

This product is really a lifesaver! No more rushing to change baby’s nappy because he might spray us with his wee, instead it will give you a more comfortable time with no rushing when changing baby’s nappy. You will also be confident enough to change him in public places without the fear of getting sprayed by wee in your clothes and in a public place! Pee pee teepee is the best creation ever for baby boys in regards with nappy changes.

Check out the Peepee Teepee on Amazon here.

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