Philips SHS500 Review

The Philips shs500 are perfect for activities such as running, exercising or dancing. Any activity that requires full-body movement, these headphones will accommodate you with your activities. What makes this very popular is its hip design. The headphones boasts of 24k gold-plated plug which ensures bass beat vents reliable connection and these vents allow air movement for high-quality sounds.

The Philips shs500 are available on Amazon for just $44.99. Click on the pic for more details.

The ear cushions of these headphones have been improved and enhanced for comfort and the bass response was also been enhanced and improved. The cushions also are ergonomic which a lot of people will surely love and this will add more points regarding the product. The increased cable dependability is because of the pull-relief system feature of the headphones. The neckband is reflective so during the dark it can still be seen and for safety purposes also. You don’t have to worry about the cord getting tangled because it only has a single-sided cord which will prevent cord tangles.

The Philips shs500 headphones are available on Amazon for just $44.99 through this link right here.

The bass quality is excellent and gives high-quality sounds from iPods or MP3 players. The headphones are also perfect for people who have jobs that require them to transact over the phone, the headphones will be the perfect one for them and it’s very affordable.

To read more product specifications regarding the Philips shs500 headphones click this to be redirected to! There are a lot of good feedback from customers also and there are no bad feedbacks so far. A lot of people have been saying that everything is perfect about the headphones itself! You can use these headphones anywhere you like whether for running, exercising, dancing, work, leisure or just listening to music in your iPod or MP3 player. The headphones are very in the trend right now; these headphones are usually worn by the newest generation today and make them feel the coolest kids around. It doesn’t slip; its perfect neckband avoids it from slipping from your head.

As said above, these headphones can be purchased in the link above for a more affordable price! Get one now and turn your music players on! You can use it anywhere. It’s very flexible and it doesn’t look like a “sports” headphones. Everyone who purchased the headphones loved it and I’m sure you will love it too! Its rich bass and durable cable will really give you the best quality of music you’ve never experienced before, go grab yours now.

The Philips shs500 headphones are available on Amazon for just $44.99 through this link right here.

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