Professional throwing knives

So, you have enough experience in knife throwing. Now, it is time to buy yourself professional throwing knives. Here are some professional throwing knives that you can choose from:

  • Scorpion Stainless Throwing Knife w/ Nylon Sheath 9.75 in. – well-balanced and very sharp. Perfect for professionals because they have mastered the art of knife throwing, and the sharpness of the knife is not an issue to them anymore. This also comes with a nylon sheath and a belt loop.
  • Boker USA Bailey Ziel 3-pc Set Throwing Knives – perfect for tournaments and has the best tournament level.
  • SOG Fusion Spirit Plain Edge Black Blade, Nylon Handle Throwing Knife – created by an elite military group. Sleek and aerodynamic. Multi-purpose and can be used as a spear or a hunting knife.
  • United Cutlery Lighting Bolt Throwing Knives Triple Set
  • Cold Steel Knives Sure Balance Thrower – belongs in the heavyweight class and resilient enough.
  • Ninja Stealth Silver Throwing Knives with Nylon Case- set of 3 knives with case – perfect for enhancing your throwing technique.

Listed above are some of the best professional throwing knives out there with incredible quality and still very affordable. If you have mastered the art of throwing, you can easily handle professional knives. You will then know your preferred type and what kind of throwing strategy to do. Knives can be held in different parts, depending on the person, but there are some knives that are too sharp that are not ideal for throwing.

A lot of beginners are eager to buy themselves some professional throwing knives. However, they just need to hang in there and use beginner throwing knives before progressing on to the next level. Even professional knives can come in affordable prices. This usually depends on the brand. Those that are listed above are popular brands for throwing knives as well as other kinds of knives.

Since it is designed for professional use, it has a variety of weights, sizes and types to fit the knife thrower’s needs, unlike other throwing knives for beginners that have an average weight only.

Getting to the professional stage of your knife throwing is very rewarding because not everyone can progress in knife throwing, and some people usually give up easily because they sometimes get frustrated while some just can’t work on their “focus.” Others are just trying it out for fun to see if they will get the hang of it. It is very rewarding and fulfilling to progress on knife throwing because it takes a lot of discipline and focus.

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