Queen Anne chair

There is such magnificent beauty in a Queen Anne chair. If you are a fan of historical furniture pieces, then you would definitely love Queen Anne chairs. Why it is called Queen Anne chairs? It is because it is inspired by the Queen Anne style which is characterized by cabriole legs and curvilinear lines. An improvement of the William and Mary style which was used in the 17th century in most royal households. There are different types of Queen Anne chairs.

Types of a Queen Anne chair

One type of Queen Anne chair are dining chairs. In fact, this is the most popular type the evokes the style of Queen Anne. These chairs have intricate lines designed on the chair’s back support. There are also recliners that come in the style of Queen Anne. Such recliners have cabriole legs that are padded for easy movement and without scratching the chair’s material on the floor. There is also a wide assortment of fabrics and materials used for such chairs from leather to canvass, you can choose the fabric of your choice.

There is also a Queen Anne chair that comes in the form on lounge chairs. A popular option among a lot of homeowners. The slipper chairs in the Queen Anne style can serve as accent pieces in the living room but also used in offices for seating. Lastly, there are the console chairs if you feel like royalty while watching TV. These are very comfortable and pleasing to the eyes.

The Queen Anne chair has managed to survive despite the many new innovations in furniture designs. In fact, there are still a lot of furniture makers that specialize in this particular style. It is also made of different materials and are often elaborately crafted to stay true to its original style.

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