Rainsoft Water Softener

Consider a Rainsoft water softener when looking for a water softener. Their water softeners will provide you with much more than ordinary softened water where calcium and magnesium are removed. Rainsoft systems also have the ability to filter ferrous iron from the water, thus reducing discoloration and scum. The company has earned more than 75 US and international patents, making it one of the leading manufacturers in the water treatment industry.

rainsoft water softener

The Rainsoft water softener has an automatic bypass function that can be triggered during regeneration to provide a constant supply of uninterrupted soft water. There is no need for you to wait until the family has used the bathroom, only to find out that the water system is regenerating. If there are guests staying in the home, there is a guest button which can give you extra soft water. It has a flow rate of up to 21 gallons per minute, and it can provide soft water for even the busiest household.

The resin beads used in a Rainsoft water softener has a high capacity. It contains carbon to further remove impurities from the water, which leaves it clean and polished. All of their water softeners have a microprocessor that monitors the system’s salt level and initiates regeneration when needed. This can assure you that you will receive a constant supply of soft water whilst never wasting salt, water or electricity.

The water softener is a fully automated system, which makes it one of the most hassle-free furniture today. There is a computer that is in charge of monitoring the water and initiating regeneration when needed. This also includes a memory of 72 hours in case of a power cut. All you need to do is add salt, and the system will alert you when this is needed.

The Rainsoft Water Softener is very convenient and easy to use. In fact, there have been a lot of good reviews about it. The company has managed to gather loyal clients along the way, and these clients have managed to stick with them up to now. Rainsoft is indeed a reputable company that offers high quality water softeners for the whole household.

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