Reclaimed wood dining table

A reclaimed wood dining table is commonly used in restaurants. Restaurant owners favor long-lasting tables because for them, it is a great investment. Aside from this, reclaimed dining tables are environmental friendly because they are made from earth-friendly materials. What are these materials?

Common materials used for reclaimed wood dining table

FSC wood is one option for reclaimed wood dining table. An FSC is a certifiably sustainable wood and is an alternative quality recycled wood whose certification shows that forest manages minimize the impact on the land and forest-dependent communited by using responsible harvesting practices. Another material is the quality reclaimed wood. This comes from a variety of sources such as shipyards, old barns, deconstructed homes or sunken logs. There are some species of quality reclaimed wood may be available in a reclaimed form.

Lastly, bamboo. One common material used for a reclaimed wood dining table. In fact, this material is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to classic wood.

Reclaimed wood dining table – for home and business

A reclaimed wood dining table is really great for a restaurant. If you want durability and at the same time, something that looks good and you get to contribute to the environment, this is the best choice for you. You can furnish also your restaurant with bamboo tabletops or FSC certified wood and at the same time, affecting the environment and atmosphere both in and outside your establishment. Make the right investments, this is one secret to success of most restaurant owners.

Reclaimed wood dining tables are not only for restaurants but these can only be placed in your own homes. You can decorate your home with coffee tables and other kind of tables. At the same time, it screams GO GREEN which is one of the most promoted campaign today all over the world. With the many changes happening in our world, it is time that everyone contributes in saving our environment in our own little ways.

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