The Best Reiki Lessons

Reiki lessons will give you different techniques for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki also promotes healing to oneself. It is an art that requires to be learned from an experienced Master. This particular technique has come a long way from its traditional Japanese roots. Dr. Usui Misako started the Reiki. Reiki has 3 different levels which include different lessons as well.

1st degree Reiki Level 1 – the beginning level deals with healing oneself. Lessons for initiation for the 1st degree are required.

  • briefing of the history and mythos of Reiki,

This particular lesson revolved around the various traditions and different associations of the Reiki worldwide. These lessons are paired with

  • learning hand positions and their usage,
  • Benefits and different correspondences of Reiki to heal others with the use of Reiki energy.

Spiritual significance and subsequent effects on healing the mind, body and soul are covered in the 1st degree of Reiki.

2nd degree Reiki Level 2 – this can only be reached once you have completed the 1st degree because this is more advanced. This level deals with the imparting of the sacred Reiki symbols which was traditionally kept secret from initiates until the 2nd level.

In this particular level, lessons that are provided are:

  • discussion of these symbols and in-depth methods to be able to use them in meditations
  • general practice
  • focusing the energy.
  • Distance healing and healing advanced disorders are also taught in this level.

3rd degree Reiki Level 3 – this level is for personal mastery that is more advanced. This is for the people who wants to achieve inner growth and intuitive development.

Lessons provided are:

  • complex energy working techniques,
  • working with chakras
  • performing psychic surgeries in order to remove blockages and spiritual slime from the aura
  • building crystal grids

These are the lessons provided if you wish to learn Reiki. However, if you wish to master Reiki or for those who wish to teach Reiki you can apply for a Master level but this will require a high-level of Mastery where you should be a regular practitioner of Reiki. The lessons for 3rd level must be well-mastered also. So if you wish to learn or master Reiki, you can search through the Internet because there are a lot of courses being offered online. There are also books and DVDs that can help you learn Reiki. You can also get a Reiki master to teach you lessons in order to learn Reiki. Devotion and focus are required to be able to achieve at least 1 level of Reiki. Concentrate on these Reiki lessons and you will surely learn hot do it properly and you will reach self-fulfilment in no time, all you have to do is to focus and concentrate.

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