Salt Free Water Softener

What does a salt free water softener do? It keeps dissolved minerals from building up inside the pipes of your home or business. If the dissolved minerals build up inside the pipes, it can create clogging in the dishwasher, washing machine and other appliances where water runs through pipes. This is also called a de-scaler because it can slown down the buildup of water hardness caused by scale.

salt free water softener

For you to fully understand what a salt free water softener does, you must first know the meaning of water hardness. The water quality is measured by its hardness or the amount of calcium, magnesium and other minerals in the water. The evidence of hard water includes cloudiness on glassware, deposits in the bathtub or sink and soap or detergenet that does not generate adequate suds. These conditions indicate that water treatment, whether regular system or a salt free water softener, is needed.

What are the effects of hard water? There is actually no real proof that hard water poses a health hazard. There is a majority of adverse effects resulting from hard water that’s coming from the high cost of repairs and replacement of equipment that has been damaged from hard water within the industrial environment. The absence of a salt free water softener in many houses has resulted in homeowners replacing their appliances that use water more frequently.

There are regular water softener systems that work by running water through beads which contains sodium, or salt. During this process, calcium and magnesium molecules are replaced with sodium molecules in the water. The absence of minerals is what makes the water soft. The most popular and effective model of salt free water softeners is what is usually labelled as a potassium chloride water softener which means that instead of using normal softener salt, they use potassium which has been shown to be quite healthy even in larger amounts especially since there are some people who have potassium deficiency. The great thing about this is that there are a lot of models that people might but that use salt will also work with potassium pallets. Another model of salt free water softeners are the ones that use an electric charge that changes the structure of the mineral crystals so it won’t be able to develop quickly where the water runs through, they are called an electric water softener or magnetic water softener.

There are also advantages when it comes to salt free water softener systems:

  1. Salt free water softener doesn’t add salt to the drinking water. So, people with high blood pressure and other conditions may be required to restrict their salt intake. If a regular salt system in their home they may have to find other sources for their drinking water.
  2. A lot of people have said that they noticed that their skin is softer and smoother with the use of water from salt free water softener systems. However, this si not medically proven.

So, how do you install a salt free water softener? It is installed at the point where the water supply enters the property. There is a small electrical element that is attached by two wires and this is plugged into the electrical supply of the house. With this, it can create a small current of electricity that can pass through the water supply. The current itself is the one responsible for making everything work.

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