SOG throwing knives

Another brand that is getting popular for throwing knives is the SOG throwing knives. Throwing knives made by SOG are multi-tools meaning it can be used as a spear, a hunting knife or a throwing knife because of its 3 quality blades.

The blades of SOG throwing knives are made from:

  • 420 stainless steel
  • Comes with nylon sheath

SOG is originally stood as Studies and Observation Group, a military group to covert war in the Vietnam War. SOG is known to be the first manufacturer of knives that offers an expanded line that included folded blades and multipurpose tools.

SOG throwing knives are famous for their aerodynamics, balance and its resistance to scratch. These qualities made it good throwing knives. The knives can also be used in tactics. The appearance of the throwing knives is very manly and comes in the colour black. Very “SWAT-like” I must say. It is also affordable and in fact you can buy three knives for the price of one.

There are a lot brands for throwing knives but this throwing knives from SOG are actually multi-purpose and in my opinion are very nice-looking. In fact, this has become one of the best-looking knives for me among the others. Well, obviously it shouldn’t be about the physical appearance of the knives but once you see it you just can’t help but notice it.

SOG throwing knives are protected with a hard-cased black coating and make good back-up field knives, you just have to wrap the handles with a Para cord or use as is. using it for throwing have earned good reviews by a lot of people and this is a good thing because reviews show how beautiful the product is and will add up to the brand’s reputation.

SOG throwing knives looks like throwing knives for soldiers and it’s no wonder because the manufacturers of these knives are made from an Elite military group. That is why it has such a good look in it. Another thing with these throwing knives, people find it easy to adapt which is a good thing because it is quite difficult to find good throwing knives that will adapt to its owner and vice versa. SOG’s throwing knives can be ordered online and can be shipped to you but it depends on your location, there are some location that SOG are unable to ship products because some are just too far and the fee that you will pay for the shipping will be even larger than the price of the throwing knives. The SOG initials are crafted in the throwing knives which is really cool. Check out these cool throwing knives from SOG, you will sure appreciate its beauty and quality.

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