Some funny best man speech examples

Searching for some funny best man speech examples? Well, there are plenty of these that you can find through the internet but before anything else, you will need to know some tips when you’re delivering a funny speech on the wedding day itself.

There are important parts that should be included during your funny best man speech.

  • Greet and thank the guests
  • Share stories and explain your friendship with the groom
  • Jokes about the groom and compliments about the bride.
  • Inspirational funny quote or saying about marriage and toast.

Tese are some of the things that you should keep in mind when writing down your best man speech. Every speech should have humor in it, to make it more interesting and this will also catch the attention of everyone. Always remember that when you’re making a joke, make sure that it will not cause offence to anyone at the wedding especially to the bride and the groom. Keep the jokes clean and keep in mind that there will be children at the wedding so as much as possible, keep your jokes suitable for children as well.

You can find a lot of examples through the internet but it is always best that you don’t copy the whole content. One great way to make a funny best man speech is doing it spontaneously. However, if you’re the nervous type, you can write it down weeks before the wedding so you can make alterations before the wedding to make the speech even better. It is always better to have humor in every speech as this makes the speech more tolerable. During weddings, be aware that the families of the newlyweds are watching you so it is really best that you be careful with the jokes and once you have done your joke it is always best that you follow-up with a compliment to the bride or to the groom. That’s the whole trick.

A mix of seriousness and humor will make you the best “best man speech”. Make sure that your speech won’t exceed the time limit of 5 minutes because guests will usually get bored. Keep everything neutral and since you will be doing the first toast, you just have to make it quick because there will be more people who will be doing their speeches. Also, remember that you should not make the toast before the speech. This has been a common mistake so, remember, the toast should be done right after the speech.

So, check out some funny best man speech examples through the internet but keeping everything in mind that are posted above will be such a big help and can already help you create your own funny speech.


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