Sony MDR-AS50G Review

The Sony Mdr-As50G has a peculiar look to it. These headphones are perfect for people who work out in the Gym a couple of days a week and have their iPods ready always and these are great for runners too. Why is it great?

These headphones from Sony are available on Amazon for just $29.08. Click on the pic for more details.

These headphones have a Spiral Styled neck band and this is very unusual for headphones, normally we will just get the normal headphones with the cord lying loosely against our front body or those rounded neckbands. It is also very light in weight and has a 9mm EX which provides comfort fit and good quality deep bass sound. The cord is one of the new solutions for cords that are designed for sports usage. The headphones are ear bud styled which deliver rich sound and deep bass. It also has a moisture guard in order for the moisture to pass around the headphones. Comes also with a cord adjusted that lets you adjust the cord according to your preferred length and this feature is best for sports and workout usage. Short cord about 2 feet for arm band use however, the extension cord of 2 feet is supplied. The ear buds comes in different sizes from small-medium to large and by this it allows a snug fit in a variety of ear sizes.

These headphones are available on Amazon for just $29.08 with FREE SHIPPING through this link right here.

To check out the Sony Mdr-As50G thru the Internet Click this link to be redirected to Checking out this link will help you gather more information with regards to the product. This will help you go through different feedback of different people who have used the product and will give you an idea how the item is. However, it is not good to rely fully on feedback because you have to make your own decision and these feedback are only a guide to help you determine if the product is worth it or not. The decision is all up to you, weigh down these feedback and see how many gave good feedback and how many did not. Once you have weighed down these feedback, you will then know if you will purchase or not.

The Sony Mdr-As50G is from a reputable company and worldwide brand. We all know that Sony products provide high-quality and very hi-tech gadgets that we cannot help but drool if we see their new released products in a shop’s window. The headphones are very affordable and will assure you that you will get your money’s worth.

These headphones are available on Amazon for just $29.08 with FREE SHIPPING through this link right here.

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