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Arnica cream uses

Aside from arnica oil, the Arnica can also be based on cream and that’s what we call Arnica cream. There are a lot of Arnica creams that can be found in the market today and can easily be purchased without any prescriptions from a specialist or a doctor.

So, what is Arnica cream? It is a topical ointment extracted from an arnica plant. During the 1500s, the use of Arnica is used for stomach conditions and skin rashes; this was used by the Europeans back in the day while the Native Americans used it to relieve them from muscle pain. The same goes to Arnica oil but Arnica cream is cream-based but both have the same healing properties. Arnica cream consists of 25 per cent arnica tincture which contains 15 per cent arnica oil.

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Arnica cream reacts in the body just like what how aspirin works in the body.  The sesquiterpene lactone is an ingredient that plays a big role in the cream. Arnica cream is highly effective when it comes to inflammation and pain. It also rich in antioxidants and it has high components of flavonoids. Some compounds found in the Arnica cream are: thymol, tannins, isoquercitrin and carotenoids which believed by scientists that can help prevent certain cancers.

If you have Eczema, the use of Arnica cream can aggravate the condition so before using the cream it is best to ask your doctor first if it’s safe and won’t cause any reactions in your body because Eczema has different types. Arnica is part of the sunflower family, so if a person has allergies in sunflowers it is also possible that the Arnica can cause allergic reactions to you. However, arnica cream is safe and can be used regularly as topical use. But if you are using the cream for a long time, it is possible that you will get some reactions from your skin like, redness, itching or blisters. If these symptoms occurred, the best way to do is to stop the use of the cream and have those treated and ask for another topical cream that won’t cause skin irritations. However, it’s still a case to case basis, but for some people, the use of Arnica cream is indeed very useful and helpful and has helped them a lot during the days when they have muscle pains or swelling in the skin.

Arnica cream can also be used on sprains, muscle aches and bruises. There are also good results regarding arthritis pain. They say that the use of Arnica cream where the joint hurts the most has a soothing effect and they felt relieved of the pain. If you want a natural cure when it comes to your muscle pains or anti-inflammatory, Arnica cream will be the best for you.

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