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Avenir Coil Combo Review

The Avenir Coil Combo is one of the best cable bike locks out there. Bikes are often used by many people to travel within their areas. A bike is a very convenient way to travel especially if you’re just going a few blocks away, having a bike and if being used in a regular basis requires you to have a bike lock so you will be at ease when you leave your bikes outside.

The Avenir Coil Combo is available  on Amazon for $10-15 depending on length. Check it out here.

Product details:

  • Comes with a bracket
  • Covered flexible coiled cables
  • Integrated 4-digit  and an easy set combination lock
  • Flexible 6-foot coiled cable wraps around the frame
  • 1.2 pounds
  • Shipping also available in selected countries outside the US
  • Price: $10-15 depending on length on Amazon.

This particular cable bike lock will keep your bike safe. The cable is long enough and is easy to get the combination that you like. Also, the bracket included in the bike lock makes attaching and detaching the lock from the bike very easy. The lock is easy to use because you can change the combinations easily and the cable will surely stay coiled unless you uncoiled it. This bike lock is great for anyone who wants to chain up their bikes and it is padded to prevent scratching the bike.

The Avenir Coil Combo is available on Amazon for just $12.53. Click on pic for more details.

This particular lock will offer security to your bike and you will have peace of mind if you leave it outside your building or campus or even outside shopping malls and other areas. It is also best if you park your bike in a well-lighted place so that it will be harder to get stolen because the thief can easily be seen. Another good thing about this bike lock is that you don’t have to worry about keys because of its combination lock which is very pretty easy to use. However, the use of this bike lock is not road bikers and those who are concerned with excess weight that will make them exert more effort in pedalling. This bike lock is for those leisure bikers or everyday bikers.

All in all, the bike lock is very easy to use and can be wrapped around both tires and even the frame. This is perfect for kids and adults as well. Kids will not have a hard time with this bike lock and there will no problems anymore when losing the keys because it comes with combination locks. Your children might surely find it enjoyable because he or she gets to pick his or her combination code. For protection, convenience and security, the Avenir Coil Combo bike lock is the best one for you especially if you want a bike lock that is not complicated and you hate dealing with keys because you tend to lose it.

The Avenir Coil Combo is available  on Amazon for $10-15 depending on length. Check it out here.