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Basin wrench

A basin wrench is used to remove and replace the nuts that can hold a faucet in place. This tool is very affordable and it can work in tight, low visibility places for sink repair. The usual places will be inconvenient or too tight for pliers. A basin wrench looks like a long steel bar with a claw on one end while the other end makes a T as a smaller bar goes across it.

How do you use a basin wrench?

  • Turn the water off in the sink
  • You should be under the sink and make sure to move everything out of your way because pipes can obstruct your line of sight.
  • The claw part of the wrench must be adjusted to the appropriate direction for you to be able to remove the nut from the sink handle. Remember the one direction can remove the nut while the opposite direct can tighten it.
  • The claw portion must be positioned to form a 90 degree angle. This will help when reaching into extremely tight places which are impossible to get to otherwise.
  • If you cannot reach the basin wrench in the normal configuration, use the extended handle.
  • Reverse these instructions to replace nuts for the new faucet handle.

Basin wrench may have limited uses but it is a lifesaver. Remember not to tighten the nuts when replacing your faucet/s. keeping this particular wrench stocked in your home is a very wise choice. This is to prepare you when your faucet handle suddenly sprinkled you with water or it fell off and water is streaming down the sink. Also, the design of this wrench will allow the jaws to be swivelled to almost any angle including reversed or upside-down. This is to facilitate tightening and removal of the retaining nuts.

The use of a basin wrench is a life and time saver

Every household needs to have this in their basements of their home tool boxes. Make sure that you keep this away from children as this can be harmful. You can find these wrenches in different hardware stores and you can also find it through the Internet especially if you don’t have the time to go out and buy one. You can now easily change the handle of your faucets in different designs with the help of this wrench, in fact you don’t have to call anyone to change it for you and a pay a service fee because the use of this wrench is very easy and anyone can do it. The basin wrench is really a brilliant tool.