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What are the best projectors in the market today?

There are a lot of projectors out in the market today; however, some people are of course in the look for the best projectors.  Since famous brands are offering projectors it can sometimes be confusing to find the best. Before anything else, you should first know your budget. Knowing your budget when looking for a projector will help you find the best one that will rightly fit your budget.

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Once you know your budget, it is time for you to look at some projectors of different brands and different models. Make sure that the model you will choose will rightly fit the requirements of the room you will be using the projector on. The projector’s optics can is the one that produces the image size you will need from a distance. However, projectors with high optical zoom are more desirable especially if you will be using it in different locations. When choosing a projector also know that the presence of vertical and horizontal image shifting is very essential because this will allow you to place the projector above, to the side or below of the center of your screen without affecting or distorting the shape of the image.

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Projectors without optical image shifting will provide you a feature that is often called the keystone correction. This digitally manipulates misshapen images to return them in their correct appearance. However, this is not really a solution especially if you want the purest image. To be able to get the best projector, you should buy a projector that has at least 2 HDMI sockets. If you’re thinking of running it in a screen, a 12v trigger output will be a good idea as well. However, if you will be using the projector in a well-lit room, choose the projector with high-brightness levels. For dark rooms, choose models with lower-brightness as this can produce a richer contrast. There are also DLP projectors that you can go for, however, these projectors have issues to look out for and that are the rainbow effect. This is where the internal color wheel cause stripes of red, green and blue that usually appears over bright parts of an image or peripheral vision.

Whether you’re looking for home or outdoors projectors, you will be able to find the best projectors if you consider first the things listed above before you go on with your purchase. This will guarantee you that you will get the best projector that will suit your requirements bet and will fit the budget you have set. Some leading brands of the best projectors are Panasonic, Epson, JVC, Sony, and Vivitek.