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Chili lights info and reviews

For hip and extraordinary lights to adorn your home, chilli lights will be the best option for you. These chilli lights are unlike the common lights you see in different lighting stores, the lights are shaped like chilis that you can hang and plug in any room. It comes in a string with 20 deep red glowing chilli lights that will really give a distinctive look in a room and gives the room more personality. As they say, chilli lights are a HOT classic.

You want to be creative then give your room some chilli lights and it will definitely one of the best places to stay. These lights create lovely ambient lights that your visitors or you will definitely appreciate. Here are some product details:


  • Approximately 6m loop of cable length
  • 1.5m distance from bulb to bulb
  • 13 cm of shade length

Product details:

  • 20 vibrant and glowing red chilis
  • Plug in
  • Looped string lights
  • Indoors only
  • 4 x spare bulbs included (2 x fuse, 2 x normal)

If you want to give your room a different ambience then these chilli lights will surely give you that funky and relaxing ambience. These chilli lights represent you getting out of that “common lights” zone and giving the feel of something different and still a very relaxing and ambient. It can easily lighten up a dark place. Turn in those dark areas in your home to well-lit areas. These chilli lights are also best to give a more festive feel if you have a gathering at home or to act as a night light in your children’s bedroom. It is not that light and not that dark either and your child will not be scared of the dark.

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The best way to buy chilli lights is to make sure that you are getting chilli lights that are made from LED bulbs. It can last longer than normal bulbs. However, if you are going to use LED with solar, those lights can stay up for 12 hours. This depends on how many the bulbs are and how much the sunlight the lights consumed in one day. It can even work during those power interruptions and that’s what makes it so great.

The chilli lights that you will buy should be tested and proven by UL or Underwriter’s laboratory for safe use. However, if you wish to purchase chilli lights that can be used outdoors, make sure that it is made from waterproof materials and weather resistant. However, the product details listed above can only be used indoors and those are the usual chilli lights that you can buy in stores. So lighten up that room or give your guests a different mood and put up chilli lights for a different ambience.

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Chili lights

Chili lights can be a great way to make dark places such as dark porch, patio, and even walkways turn into well lit areas. These lights come in wide arrays of styles and colors, and can even be set up to have some animation on it. If you want to throw an outdoor party, say, a Mexican inspired theme party then these kinds of lights can be your ultimate party blow out, as well as keeping your party lasts for hours after hours until late night.

You have many options to consider when buying the perfect chili lights, and you don’t even have to be a professional just to install them. You can freely use these lights indoor as well as novelty lighting for your child’s bedroom, or to add up more festive mood when holding a gathering. One best way to make sure that you are only getting the best deal is to choose the ones that were made from LED light bulbs. The light bulbs are smaller than a normal bulb you usually get, but will surely last far longer. They are even brighter, without using more energy which is great when you are up to saving up. Chili lights are also ideal for use in solar light strings.

Chili lights are probably one of the best options you can consider if you want to light up your patio because of many reasons. These lights only use solar power instead of drawing directly from the household electrical outlets, which can actually help you save up more. They can be even set up to turn on at night and go off in the morning. While during the day the sun’s energy is stored in its batteries for later use. If you are going to use LED lights with solar, did you know that they can actually stay lit for up to 12 hours? This will depend on how many bulbs you set up, and how much sunlight has been absorbed during the whole day. What even makes these lights great is that it will actually even work during those unavoidable power shortages.

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If you are going to use chili lights outdoors, make sure to get those materials and bulbs made from waterproof materials and weather resistant. This way these lights won’t short out during a storm and even cause a fire hazard in the future. You should always find chili lights that are UL listed, meaning that they have been tested and proven safe by Underwriter’s Laboratory. If you can not find such lights with an UL label, then don’t purchase them or these may only cause you a lot of troubles.

If you want to light up your guests’ mood during your party then you’d better start installing those chili lights. Just make sure that you will consider all the tips I shared with you above as these will not only provide you all the best about these festive lights but will also protects you from further accidents and troubles.

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