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What Is A Paracord Bracelet?

Paracord Bracelet Uses

The paracord bracelet, also known as a parachute cord was used by the military during the Second World War. Back then, it was a very useful tool due to its elasticity and its ability to withstand immense weight. These days, the paracord has been transformed into a woven bracelet that’s commonly used by individuals who embark on outdoor adventure activities such as camping, hiking, mountain climbing, and hunting. The bracelet is an essential item in every survival kit. It is also extremely handy in emergency situations. When combined with the pocket knife, the cord can be used in almost anything that requires a string or a rope.

Many survival stories have been told that involved the use of paracord bracelets. It might seem impossible to imagine how such a small item can have so many uses. As you’ll learn later though, the paracord is adequately long and sturdy to be used as a rescue rope.

Oddly enough, the inner fibers of the paracord bracelet can be used as floss (for cleaning teeth). This would make sense considering that soldiers in combat situations don’t have the luxury of time to do most of their morning rituals. Flossing your teeth is fast and effective. Moreover, a floss may be used in circumstances where a toothbrush and a toothpaste aren’t readily available.

The paracord can also be used as a rope meant for slow descent in ravines or small gorges. In critical scenarios, the bracelet can be entangled and can stretch more than three meters long to support a timely rescue attempt. Top quality, military spec cords can withstand up to 550 lbs. of weight. Furthermore, the cord can be used as a snare to catch small animals. Due to it’s nylon content, others also use the cord as a fishing rope.

Other uses of the paracord include bootlaces, clothesline, pet collars, emergency tourniquets, knife handle sheaths, belts, and gun straps.

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image of a paracord bracelet

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Paracord Bracelets as a Fashion Accessory

The use of the paracord bracelet has become a fashion statement. Over time, designs were made that feature different interwoven colors, making it one of a kind. Some paracord bracelets also have added designs attached to them (such as charms or pendants). These bracelets are popular among teenagers, some even wearing more than one. They have also become a trend. It’s certainly a positive trend which can save lives in an emergency.

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