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All you need to know when buying a Plumber Wrench

What is a plumber wrench? It is also known as a pipe wrench that is used to turn around metal objects such as pipes and rods and is obviously used in plumbing. This tool consists of a heavy metal handle with a toothed lower jaw which is attached to a toothed upper jaw with screw-like threading that allows the width of the jaws to be adjusted with a circular nut. Its upper jaw can wiggle slightly which allows it to easily be positioned to grip a rounded surface once the wrench is turned. Also, its jaws are set at an oblique angle so the space between the jaws get smaller toward the back of the wrench which allows a degree of flexibility with a given width adjustment and helps the wrench to properly grip a rounded object.

Plumbing with a plumber wrench

When plumbing, the plumber is usually faced with rounded metal objects that must be gripped tightly or turned which only a plumber wrench can do. If you will be using this tool, you must assess first the width of the pipe that must be turned and adjust the wrench so that the front side of the jaw is wider than that measurement while the back side of the jaw is narrower. The wrench’s head should be pushed onto the pipe firmly and the wrench is pushed forward to make the jaws engage and grip the pipe to turn it, a backward pressure on the wrench will make the jaws loosen so it can be removed.

Handle round objects with a plumber wrench

You should know as well that this particular wrench can work by gripping metal with its teeth but it is not effective if used in grip hard metals that the teeth cannot dig into properly such as steel. It is more often used to turn pipes made of soft iron. Also, the plumber wrench is specifically designed to handle rounded objects.

It comes in different sizes as well depending on the range of the pipe that you will be working on. Remember that this is not to b used in bolts and nuts because it is very possible to damage the tool. if you will read its uses, you will know that the plumber wrench is a specialized tool to rightly fit a plumbing job. This wrench is definitely a-must in every plumber’s toolbox, without this, the whole point will be useless.

A plumber wrench is very useful indeed, and is definitely a life saver. You should also have a plumber wrench in your home just in case.