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Terk HDTVa Indoor Amplified High-Definition Antenna

The Terk HDTVa Indoor Amplified High-Definition Antenna is a high-performance HDTVa amplified indoor HDTV antenna. This is designed to both capture both UHF and VHF signals of channels 2 to 69 while extending the range of reception for all local HDTV broadcasts.

The dual-drive amplifier that is included in this antenna will ensure a clear reception for both distant and close HDTV and DTV stations. Also, the high-gain antenna array can be placed horizontally or vertically for optimum reception. It is also very easy to install as it is for indoor use and it comes with supplied cable carries video and power.

Terk HDTVa Indoor Antenna is available on Amazon for $42.10 with FREE SHIPPING. Click on pic for more details.

This particular antenna is best for those who live in city apartments and are not allowed to use outdoor antennas that can be placed on the roof. This is very compact and it will allow you to experience HDTV broadcasts in perfect and full resolution. Also, this particular Terk model is designed for total reception versatility. It can receive all local HDTV channels with an operating bandwidth covering both VHF and UHF frequency ranges. The antenna also has a directional log periodic UHF and precise VHF elements that are designed to receive HDTV broadcasts with maximum signal strength while rejecting all interference at the same time.

You will just have to set the amplifier to high-gain mode to compensate for signals that are weak or otherwise bypasses for stronger signals nearby.


  • Base: 13” x 9.125 x 16 inches
  • Height of Dipoles Open: 44 inches
  • Operating bandwidth: VHF channels 2-13 UHF channels 14-69
  • Output impedance: 75 ohms
  • Amplifier gain: 12 dB Typical VHF

This antenna is definitely worth the money and will give you high definition experience from the comforts of your own home and you don’t need to subscribe anymore for any cable providers because this will allow you to watch your favorite channels in HD with this antenna. You just have to pay for the cost of the antenna and you don’t have to pay anymore for installation fees because this can easily be installed and it is also very compact that it will not take too much space in your home. You can have it mounted on your wall for more space saving.

The Terk HDTVa Indoor Amplified High-Definition Antenna is surely the best one for your apartment or suburban  home.

The Terk HDTVa Indoor is available on Amazon for $42.10 with FREE SHIPPING through this link right here.