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What is the best torque wrench in the market?

Are you looking for the best torque wrench? Well, there are many types of torque wrenches and models that you can choose from. In order to help you with your search, I will be putting on some models of torque wrenches that may suit your needs or requirements. Have that requirements check list ready and read ahead!

Torque wrenches can range in different prices (of course) depending on the type, brand and model and the job that it is made for. Electronic and split beam torque wrenches are usually the most expensive among these torque wrenches. This is because they offer longer life between calibrations, better accuracy and even past torque logging. These particular type best suits critical tasks which require the utmost attention to detail. Most average torque wrench buyers are not looking for this time because most of them just want an accurate tool but do not require accuracy to specs that they don’t understand.

GearWrench 85052 3/8-Inch Torque Wrench – this is expected to be reliable, accurate and simple to use. It has the ability to do all the things that you need to do in one package. A well-built and durable this will give you that positive “click” when you have reached the preset torque. It also has a micrometer dial that has an overall good feel but the numbers etched without contrast making them difficult to see.

Husky 39104T ½ -Inch Drive Torque Wrench – it uses a micrometer click style design and the handle is a little longer giving more leverage on higher torque tasks. This will work best for automotive jobs.

SK Hand Tool 74555 1/2- Inch Torque Wrench – SK is the first company to offer head gear wrenches. This tools is known to b every accurate and it is tough enough to keep the accuracy after repeated use. Also comes with a micrometer click design for easy setting and simple fool proof torquing. However, this may be a little pricey.

Craftsman 44978 3/8-Inch Torque Wrench – beam type design means perfect accuracy and is great for occasional use where storage tends to include some bumping and thumping every now and then.

See, there are a lot of models of torque wrenches and you haven’t seen the half of it yet. The best way to get the best torque wrench for you is to get in-touch with your requirements and know the particular “job” you will be using it for. Knowing these things will help you find the best torque wrench out there that will best fit your requirements and budget.

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