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Where To Find A Tubular Lock Tension Wrench

A tubular lock tension wrench is used for lock picking. It is specially designed for picking or opening the tubular locks, for example. Vending machines, steel cabinet machines, office drawers all use tubular locks.

A tubular lock tension wrench is a specially made type of tool used for tubular locks. It comes with a wide variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the lock keyways. Each has its own lock tension wrench configuration. Wide keyways can accept large tools and small keyways accept the smaller tools. There are different varieties of a tension wrench. Some are flexible while others are rigid. They differ in many ways than just length and thickness. They also have different degrees.

Some of the lock tension wrench has rubber grips. Others are one piece, and some have twist in the handle to give more flexibility. Tubular locks have pins positioned all the way around the circumference of the cylinder. This makes them much harder to pick. Conventional lock picking technique usually doesn’t work on this type of lock. That’s why they made a special tool for this special type of lock.

The set of the tubular lock tension wrenches comes in handy on a pouch made of canvas, on leather case, and some are like Swiss knives style. The specifications of the tubular lock tension wrench usually range from .035 mm stainless steel stock and measures 3.5 inches long and 1.25 inches tall. Tubular locks are most often found on vending machines, washing machines, candy and soft drinks vending machines. The tubular lock tension wrench is used to keep the pins from moving once they have been picked until all the pins have been picked.

A tubular lock tension wrench mostly used in automotive use brands of locking system with the use of a tubular lock. Many car users sometimes forget the key inside their cars or in some case the alarm system on their cars have auto-lock sometimes they forget to pullout the key and the alarm system arms it securely. This type of tool is commonly used by professional locksmiths and even for anyone who wants there tubular locks to be opened.

In some countries, selling the tubular lock tension wrench is regulated for security reasons. This effectively prevents others from using it in some illegal activities. That’s why this type of tool is manufactured for tubular locks. In our modern world, most of the equipment use this type of lock that’s mostly found in the bank’s doors, cabinets, vaults and in places that have high security measures. This is the right tool to use for repairing this type of lock and will even be useful in troubleshooting parameters.

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