Tension Wrench: All You Need To Know

A tension wrench is a tool that’s essential for lock picking, and especially for picking the commonly used pin cylinder locks. Its purpose is twofold. It can hold picked pins in place, and when all the pins are set, the wrench can then be used to turn the inner cylinder to open the lock. It is also a tool that allows the user to exert a small amount of torque that’s about the longitudinal axis of an object running perpendicular to the wrench itself. This is typically shaped in a letter ā€œLā€.

There are a lot of these tension wrenches available in the market today. You can even make your own. Security agents are usually the people who use them. This is for easy access to some properties that need to be opened immediately for security purposes. This type of wrench can be used to pick locks, but remember that it is illegal to pick locks if you’re not authorized.

Tension wrenches come in a wide variety of types and sizes. This is due to the many varying sizes and shapes of lock keyways. The lock keyway demands a specific configuration. Wide keyways can accept large tools while the narrow keyways can be so small that only Euro style stainless steel tension tools will fit on them. When it comes to tensions wrenches, each person has his or her own preference. For example, a locksmith may prefer a flexible lockpicking wrench while the other one may prefer the rigid type.

Here are the different types:

  • Standard tension wrench (this is the L shape)
  • Twist wrench
  • Long twist wrench
  • Line wrench
  • Double-ended wrench
  • Wishbone wrench
  • Tulip door knob handle wrench

Tension wrenches are also known as torque wrenches or tensioners. Most of them are made from spring steel to give enough subtle vibrations and displacements to the handler. They can come in handy, especially if you lost the keys of your car, home or any other valuable things that come with a lock. It is also a good idea to have one in your house just in case. Pick the standard type as this can go with anything, or you can buy it as a set. It is really helpful and useful. A word of warning, never use this to open properties that aren’t yours.

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