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If you have heard of a wolf’s bane, you probably know the arnica plant because it is its scientific name, Arnica pills have been manufactured and there are a lot of people who are wondering about its benefits and uses. Arnica is known for its therapeutic effects. There are also Arnica oils, creams, gels and tablets. However, some people prefer the use of Arnica pills.

Arnica pills contain flavonoids and helenalin that made the Arnica an excellent remedy to relieve pain and inflammation. These arnica pills are commonly used by athletes to relieve them from muscle pains and sprains since they are the common people to be affected by these conditions. The ingredient thymol helps with blood circulation in the affected area and helps relieve the pain.

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Benefits of Arnica pills:

  • Helps with muscle pains and gives faster recovery time.
  • Can be administered orally and safe to use.
  • It can also provide relief from swellings, rashes and insect bites.
  • It can also help with the treatment of scars and recovery of damage tissues.
  • Helps with bacterial infections and can help prevent infections.
  • It is also known that it can help relieve the pain of labour and less painful delivery to pregnant women
  • Most doctors recommend the intake of Arnica pills before surgery and after surgery to act as a pain reliever.

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Arnica pills are very effective and useful. The use of Arnica has been widely known because of its natural ingredients that don’t go through a chemical process which medicinal drugs go through. It is also not recommended to be used by pregnant women but it can help but it will be such a big risk. The use of Arnica pills are very beneficial however, there are also side effects just like any other medicines. These side effects are:

  • Skin irritations and skin rashes. This normally occurs to people who have sensitive skin especially those who are allergic to sunflowers because Arnica is included in the family of sunflowers. It is always best to ask a doctor first before using it.
  • Stomach conditions.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Bleeding of the digestive tract.
  • It can also worsen when a diabetic person use it.

These side effects are not commonly experienced by people who use Arnica pills but, of course, there are some and that only means one thing. It’s either they used Arnica pills without medical supervision, prolonged intake of Arnica pills or they are just really allergic to Arnica itself. So it is really best to seek an advice of a specialist or a doctor first if you plan on taking Arnica pills. You cannot purchase Arnica pills without prescription so you really have to go to your doctor and ask about it in order for you to be given the exact and right dosage of Arnica pills you should take so there will be no problems later on.

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