The Best Water Softener

Everyone wants the best water softener. However, finding one means you have to know how to look for one which simply means that you will need knowledge on water softeners. In this article, you will be able to know how to find the best water softener.

The first thing you have to do is have your water tested. If you’re on City Water, you can call the city water department and ask them regarding the hardness of the water in your home. Usually, they refer to water hardness as PPM or Mg/L. On the other hand, if you’re on private well and you don’t know the hardness and iron content, you can get a sample and take it down to a pool supply company and have it tested for hardness and iron. Doing these things will make you one step closer to finding the best water softener.

best water softener

Next, you should be familiar with the valves and you must choose the best one. If you are in an area where there are a lot of lightning surges, you should go for an econdominder mechanical meter, but if not, you are allowed to choose depending on your preference.

Aside from these steps, it is very important as well that you know that there are different types of water softeners. The most basic system has a single tank and regeneration is initiated on a timer. The regeneration can be set to occur during the night when water is not needed because this type of system can’t present soft water while the system is regenerating. There are also disadvantages to this kind of system which is mainly caused by the fact that it operates on a timer. As for the timer works by estimating the amount of water used, there is potential for salt wastage if the system regenerates too often, or hard water entering the house if the opposite occurs.

There is also a single-tank system where regeneration is initiated on demand. A meter measures the amount of water passing through the system and initiates regeneration when a set amount has passed through. The third type is the twin-tank with regeneration initiated on demand. As this system has two tanks instead of the usual one, when one tank has reached its capacity, the other one can take over, leaving the first free to be regenerated.

Knowing all these will guarantee you that you will be able to find the best water softener available today. You can also read water softener reviews as this can also help you a lot.

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