Tips and tricks for a great best man toast

Every wedding requires a best man and a best man should always be prepared with his best man toast. As a best man, this means that you have developed close ties with the groom and you are one of the person that knows him best and the closest to him. You will definitely need to face the guests and stand in front of them all to deliver you speech.

If it’s your first time to be best man in a wedding and you need help with your speech there are some samples that can guide you which you can find through the internet. In these modern times, people rely to the internet more. This is because the internet holds a lot of information that can help you with your information needs. Also, it can be accessed anytime you want! Just simply type “best man toast sample” on the search engine and you will be faced with many results. Remember, do not copy the whole speech but just make it as your guide. It is always best that you deliver a speech made especially by you. There are also many books that you can find in book stores that can help you with your speech but since you will only do this once, it is more practical to research through the internet, at least you don’t have to pay for anything.

Once you are done researching some samples through the internet, it is time that you get hold of a pen and paper or you can do it with the use of your laptop or computer. It is very important as well that you prepare your speech weeks before the wedding so you have time to make alterations to make the speech better and more meaningful. If you choose to write it down on a piece of paper, remember that it is very important that you don’t read the whole speech in front of the crowd. You can bring the piece of paper with you and you can peek from time to time, but don’t read the whole thing as this will lose the sincerity. Also, deliver your speech in a 5-minute period because you don’t want to drone on in front of the whole crowd which can bore them.

In order for you to deliver the best toast, add a touch of harmless humor. This will really catch the attention of the guests, since it’s a happy occasion, they would want to hear something that will make them smile, laugh, giggle or even touched. Humor and sincerity will do the trick. A mix of both will help you nail that speech and the groom and his bride will definitely appreciate it, even the guests! Don’t forget to thank the newlyweds for making you as their best man and tell them how honored you are. Your best man toast will surely be a hit!


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