Tips to write a best man wedding speech

A best man wedding speech needs to be meaningful and at the same time with humor. If a friend of yours has given you the honor to be the best man at his wedding, it is time that you prepare your speech. Writing it down will help or you can just do it in a spontaneous manner, but you will have to remember some few things.

First, you need to remember that your best man speech should only last for 5 minutes, maximum. It should not exceed because people will get bored or lose interest on what you’re saying. Secondly, talk about a few things how you met the groom and why did he made you as his best man. Thirdly, mention and compliment the bride. Remember that whatever you say in the speech should not offend the bride or anyone else in the wedding. Also, make sure that everyone can relate to what you’re saying, don’t just stand there and talk about secret codes or secret escapades you had with the groom as people will lose interest.

Being a best man is such an honor and you should show your gratitude towards the groom and the bride as well. Thank everyone who came and thank the newlyweds, their families and friends too. It is very important that you keep everything in neutral “mode” and add some humor. Simple funny remarks will do. It is very important that you add a touch of humor because this will perk up the interest of the guests and it will surely be appreciated not only by the groom but his bride as well. Humor is very important, as much as possible keep them smiling or laughing but don’t forget to add some sincere remarks as well.

Don’t be overly serious in your speech. That’s the trick. Keep them entertained and keep their eyes, ears and attention glued to you and you will surely nail that speech. If you’re nervous, you can shorten the speech but make sure that the speech is meaningful and sincere. However, if you wrote the speech in a piece of paper, it is best that you don’t read it in front of the crowd. You can bring it over while you’re having your speech and you can take a peek from time to time but reading it straight from the paper will lose its meaning and sincerity. Remembering these things will really help you make an awesome best man wedding speech that will surely not be forgotten by the newlyweds and the wedding guests as well.


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