Everything you want to know about a Turtle cage

If you want to keep a turtle as your pet then you’d better get this timid reptile the right turtle cage. This is important since this is where it will stay and live. See to it that you provide the right kind of cage that your turtle will surely live comfortably. This article will surely help you.

When choosing for the right turtle cage, see to it that you know just exactly how big or small it should be. This will depend on the size of your turtle and just how many you are going to place in. Bear in mind that turtles grow big even though you bought it as a baby. So to be sure, it is always advisable to get larger and spacious turtle cage just in case your turtle grow big. Now consider as well the numbers of turtles you are going to place in. The more turtles you are planning to keep, the more you will need to get larger turtle cage.

Setting up the perfect turtle cage is also important. Make sure that you provide the right amount of water on the cage. If you are going to use larger turtle cage then you should place a lot of water which is enough for your turtles to swim and move freely. Just in case your turtle decides to flip over, it will not get stuck on the water as this may lead to untimely death. See to it as well that you will replace the water regularly. The larger your cage is the less you will replace the water but if you have several turtles on that cage then you must replace the water every day since turtles eat and defecate on the cage which can mess up the clean water easily. Replace the water within 12 hours after you feed your pets. Now if you have smaller cage, then this is the time you must replace the water every day. Replacing only half of the water is a big no-no as this may be contaminated which may cause your turtles some health issues that may lead to death.

You should also provide enough basking area. This is important since turtles are both aquatic and land species. You should also place and attach the right lightning. This will keep the water at room temperature. Water that is to hot or too cold may cause your turtles some health issues. See to it as well that you place the right filtration on the turtle cage.

You can always check the net for more details and even for available turtle cage. You can also ready the product descriptions and customers’ reviews from these sites or you can ask your local pet shops for assistance.

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