Turtle enclosure: find the best one for your turtle

If you are going to keep some turtles as pets then you’d better set up the right turtle enclosure as well. This enclosure will be your turtle’s world so make sure that you set it up right and proper. You should consider the land, air, water, temperature and even the septic tanks. These are the usual stuff you need to prepare and consider. If you are going to set up your turtle enclosure now then these are the important things you must prepare.

Here are the things you need to prepare in order to set up the right turtle enclosure that your pet turtle will surely enjoy:

Equipments for small turtles:

– The enclosure itself (it should be horizontal)
– aquarium stand
– aquarium screen or hood with fluorescent lights
– attach a water heater (100 watt)
– proper filter
– Basking spot (you can use the ready made log sold in pet shops)
– basking light (this should be suspended on the basking ramp and should have the right watt – 60 watt is advisable)
– get the kind of gravel vacuum the primes easily
– thermometer
– stock of turtle food (readily available in pet shops and even from your own kitchen)
– cuttlebone
– some clump of romaine lettuce

Note: You don’t actually need gravel and other decors though it may add up appeal and beauty on your turtle enclosure but most of the time when setting up enclosure, these two decors are not necessary.

Equipments for medium sized turtles:

– enclosure with 74 gallon water
– aquarium stand
– aquarium glass hood or screen
– regular fluorescent fixtures
– basking light and UV-B source
– water heater with 200 watt
– filter
– turtle ramp (large)
– thermometer
– Python system (this is necessary in refilling and cleaning the enclosure)
– stock of turtle food
– calcium supplement such as cuttlebone
– vegetables such as clump of cabbages

Note: Again, you don’t have to put gravel, sand or even decors on the turtle enclosure. Bare-bottom is more okay and preferred by most expert pet turtle owners.

Equipments for large turtles:

– enclosure with at least 120 gallons of water
– aquarium stand
– aquarium glass hood or screen
– strip lights or much known as regular fluorescent lights
– basking lights with UV-B source
– water heater with 3 tronic submersible device (200 watt)
– 2 canister filters
– basking spot 9 for larger size of turtles, you need to customize the turtle basking place and the ramp. Please avoid those chemical treated materials since this will be in the water for a long time, it may leak out dangerous chemicals that your turtles will surely eat and drink)
– stock of foods

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