Turtle Tanks

If you love to have some turtles as pets, then you better get them the right kind of turtle tank to ensure that they will live long and healthy lives. There are many kinds of turtle aquarium in the market today. You can easily find them at online shops as well as pet stores in malls. It’s important that you choose the right one so as to prevent future problems. To help you out, I gathered some of the important details you need.

As mentioned, turtle tanks come in different forms. Some are made with glass while others are made with fiber glass and other glass-like materials. If you want to build your own terrarium for turtles, this is the most important aspect to take into consideration. Furthermore, the tank should be made from strong materials that can hold off pressure from the water. A great tank will have a large space where the turtle can move freely and will still look nice wherever it’s placed in the house.

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Preferably, the size of the turtle tank should be three to four times the turtle’s length. The width should be twice the turtle’s length and the height should be 1.5-2 times its length. Add to that, allow 8-12 inches above so that there will be no way for the turtle to get away. If you are going to add more turtles in your tank, increase the dimensions by 60%-80%. Adding up decorations such as plants and stones will also raise the size requirements. Size is important because it gives your pet turtles enough space to move around and swim freely without any obstructions. Along with the right amount of water, put some solid ground as well where your turtles can bask under.

Turtle tanks are available in many different styles. If you prefer a customized tank, there are also some made-to-order units. You can design the tank yourself or you can ask for assistance if you’re new. Generally, you can buy a readily available turtle aquarium and then just get decors to make the tank one of a kind.

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