Turtle terrariums: what you need to know about them

If we perceive turtles historically, they have been the symbols of patience and wisdom. In the Hawaiian the word “honu” means sea turtles and represents long life. Turtles have been alive for more than 200 million years. Indeed true, several species of turtles can live to be over a hundred years of age including the American Box Turtle. The earliest turtles had teeth and they could not pull their heads into their shells, but other than that they were very similar to the turtles that are alive today. Some people believe that the turtles’ shell is what has allowed them to successfully survive for so long.

If you’re someone who finds turtles as amazing creatures, then I’m sure you’re looking forward to having one as a pet, that is, if you don’t already have one. Well, if you have a pet turtle and would like to look for a better nook or place to keep them, then you should consider having a turtle terrarium.

Turtles can be kept in outdoor enclosed turtle pens or indoor turtle terrariums. Keeping turtles outside increases their longevity. If you’re going to keep your turtle in an indoor terrarium, remember that the terrarium must be kept meticulously clean to avoid disease. Choose a turtle terrarium that’s at least five times the length and five times the width of your turtle. It is also important to opt for a turtle terrarium that’s easy to clean. A detachable bottom makes it easier to clean the tank’s floor.

Cold-blooded creatures, such as turtles that live in a terrarium rely on external sources for body temperature regulation. So it really is a must to confirm that the terrarium is easy to mist. You’ll have to add humidity to the terrarium every day.

Turtle terrariums can simulate a turtle’s favorite environment by allowing the user to create both land and water areas for their turtle’s good health and happiness. Once the pet owner has selected a Plexiglas terrarium large enough for the turtles mature size, she can simulate a turtle’s natural environment by layering in a pond. A proper turtle terrarium will have a pond big enough for a turtle to swim freely. Some salt will be added to help fight bacteria and maintain the turtle’s health. In a natural environment, turtles love the water and spend a great deal of their time there. So a turtle terrarium must have a water feature, preferably with a filter.

Turtles love to explore their environment, and are curious by nature, so putting some plants (non poisonous) in a turtle terrarium helps to simulate their natural living areas and provides them with some things to explore and rest under and around. Turtles may chew the plants, so making sure the plants are not poisonous is extremely important.

Most turtle terrariums feature hollowed-out log “furniture” for the turtle to take shelter under. Turtles, like all animals need to feel secure and in nature sleep and rest under logs and in niches in the rocks. A turtle terrarium simulates this by providing the shelter so that the enclosed turtle doesn’t feel stressed in his tank. So why not build a turtle terrarium for your pet turtle today? Surely, it’s really worth it.

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