Unraveling Antique Furniture Styles

Discovering antique furniture styles

There are different antique furniture styles that you must know about and you can choose from. The beauty of antique furniture is outstanding and remarkable. It is also very inspiring to see how one object managed to last for a century or more. Having that kind of furniture in your home will promote strength and timelessness in the whole household.

Back in the days, antique furniture styles are all made from wood with a touch of metal or brass. Wood furniture started during the 16th century up to the 20th century. However, there is also some furniture that are older than 16th century but these are very rare and in most cases, its durability has depreciated making it unfit to be used.

Antique furniture styles

One antique furniture styles is the gothic style. This particular style was during the Gothic period and the furniture styles during this period are tall, simple and ponderous. In Gothic period, clothes are kept in wardrobes and by the end of the Middle Ages, closets, beds and chairs were introduced. In this furniture gothic style, you will really notice that the arhictecture was dominated by the Chuch. The frames were decorated with arrows, turrets and transverse and misshapen figures. Oak and chestnut are the main wood types used to make furniture.

Another antique furniture style is the Renaissance furniture. Antique furniture styles during this period are more determined by their precise form and clear construction. Columns of various forms, pilasters, chandeliers, carved statues of cupids and herm and the main features of the furniture during this period.

The Baroque is another furniture style. The antique furniture styles during this period are characterized by the decorative splendor of carved sculptural shapes and rounded forms with an abundance of decorations. The main themes of carving and fresco are cupids, geniuses, naiads, griffins, eagles, lions, shells and folded ribbons. The Rococo is another period when the furniture are more elegant and ornate. Curved legs, backs, arms rests and couches are the typical styles of Rococo.

There are really a lot of antique furniture styles and fortunately, all these styles are still being sold in the market today. These furniture are very valuable and may cost high but the purchase will be worth it because the value will keep on increasing through the years.

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