Unraveling the characteristics of French bedroom furniture

A lot of homeowners are fascinated with French bedroom furniture. Who wouldn’t want a tough of elegance and class in their bedrooms? However, not everyone knows exactly what they’re looking for which is why knowing the main characteristics and design features will really help them determine the what kind of bedroom furniture they need or want.

Characteristics of French bedroom furniture

You should know that French bedroom furniture is traditionally made from wood. For genuine antique pieces, these are made from hard woods such as mahogany but modern version today are manufactured in softer, cheaper wood which makes it more budget-friendly after all, such furniture is no longer designed to be status symbols but rather practical, functional items. Aside from this, you must know that wooden veneers are sometimes used and finished with a nice polished look. Walnut is that popular choice for veneers because of its beautiful grain. For beds, these are sometimes made out of wrought iron which is sturdy with intricate designs.

For the colors, french bedroom furniture has a distinguishing characteristic. White is the most common and popular choice. If you want something less plain, there ire other items in light pastel colors. Mauves, eggshell, lavander, mint greens and blues will add a little more character and will perfectly blend with white pieces.

It is also important that you distinguish the shape. You will notice that heavier wooden items of French bedroom furniture are quite chunky and straightforward when it comes to their design and shape. On the other hand, the most attractive features of French bedroom furniture are their delicate shapes that are often used on the legs of items such as dressing table legs and spindly curved legs of French style chairs. For the heavier shapes, it will have some curved shapes such as scrolled feet on beds and wardrobes.

If you notice the detailing of French bedroom furniture, you will realize that this one of the stand out features they have which are carvings that are mostly used. Ornate detailing is both classic and classy and can set this style of furnishing aside from modern pieces.

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