Using an RCA to HDMI adapter

Do you need to convert an RCA signal to HDMI or vice versa? This is possible as long as you have an RCA to HDMI adapter with you. Before anything else, what is HDMI? This is a high definition connection that allows users to send HD audio and video signals to and from HD devices. Connecting an HD device to a non-HD device also means that you have to downgrade the HDMI cables to a connection format such as an RCA connection.


So, how you convert an HDMI signal to RCA or vice versa? These are the simple steps to do so with the use of an RCA to HDMI adapter:


  • Gather the end of the HDMI and plug it into one of HDMI ports found at the back or side of your HD device. The HDMI end of the RCA to HDMI adapter has a rectangular connector while the other end has three circular connectors.
  • Gather the end of the RCA into the video port on the RCA device you want to connect your HD device with. Always ensure that every colored cable is connected into the same colored port.
  • Turn on both devices that you have connected with the use of the RCA to HDMI adapter.
  • To get the signal from the RCA cables, you must adjust the RCA device by simply pressing the “Video Input” button on the remote control.



Now, that’s very easy! Everyone can do it and if you are not really into technical stuff yet you are faced with this kind of dilemma, you can just follow these simple steps and give yourself a pat at the back after!


When it comes to RCA to HDMI adapter, keep in mind that not all devices can work with it. That is why it is very important that before you get an adapter; make sure that the devices that you will be using it with are compatible. To guarantee that you’re getting the right kind of adapter, the best idea would be to purchase an adapter from you purchased the HDMI device. You can also check out some electronics stores that sell this kind of adapter. It is very important that you get the details of both devices when buying so you can ask the sales person if it will work on the particular adapter or they can help you find an adapter that will suit both devices best.

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