Valuing and buying an antique couch

Those who have an antique couch must know how to value their antique couch especially for non-antique collectors who don’t have much experience and knowledge when it comes to valuing antiques. Aside from this, people who have acquired an antique couch from their grandparents should know how to value it. A genuine appraisal will require the help of a trained professional but there is something that you can do as well.

Valuing your antique couch

You should determine the signs of age of the antique couch. This can be done by feeling the edges of the couch’s frame. Sharp corners and edges are a hallmark of modern furniture and this can be your first clue. The next thing that you should do is to check underneath the couch for any tags that indicates the manufacturer, upholsterer or year or production. If you find any information, you could look it up in a furniture price guide. These guides can provide you estimates but not exact figures, but it will be very helpful.

When it comes to determining the signs of age, the last thing you can do is to remove the screw from the couch if there is any. Older screws have irregular spacing between the antique couch’s grooves and modern screws have the sharp pointed uniform look.

The next thing you need to do is to gauge the value. Check for ornate design features. If the antique couch has curved legs or carved, clawed feet is more valuable than plain, straight-legged furniture. Scratch through the paint if the wood appears painted. If there are several layers of paint, the piece may have depreciated in value.

You should also consult a trained appraiser. Before you take the antique couch to the appraiser, find out how much he will charge for the appraisal. An appraiser’s service can be expensive.

Buying an antique couch

On the other hand, if you are an antique collector and you just can’t wait to get yourself an antique coach, there are some things that you must know when buying an antique sofa. You see, if you are buying an antique sofa, you are just buying the frame. If you want an authentic, quality antique frame in good condition. Just by seeing an old feet doesn’t necessarily mean that you have an old soga. The internal frame could be entirely rebuilt and just have the original legs tacked onto it. When you buy an upholstered piece, have someone show you the frame if possible. If not, always ask for picture of the frame. Many dealers leave the underside of a sofa or wing chair open so that you can see the construction. Also, sometimes dealers leave the back fabric attached with Velcro so that you can see the back frame.

Examine the parts of antique couch like its back frame, legs, stretchers and arms. Knowing these things will let you have the best antique couch and if you already have one, you should always know how to value it as this piece of furniture may be very rare and valuable.

Antique couch

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