Water Softener Parts

If you are planning to purchase a water softener, it would be helpful that you also familiarize yourself with water softener parts. This will be very helpful and this will help you be more knowledgeable when it comes to your machine which is very important.

Here are the water softener parts:

water softener parts

  1. Mineral Tank – this is that part of the machine where hard water is converted into soft warer. It has a water softener resin bed charged with negative ions. As the hard water passed through this tank, the positively charged calcium and magnesium ions are then absorbed into the resin bed, effectively creating soft water.
  2. Brine tank – this is a major part of your unit. It contains a mixture of water and sodium carbonate salts. Once a certain amount of hard water has been filtered in the mineral tank, the brine solution flushes the resin bed in the mineral tank. The calcium and magnesium ions trapped in the resin bed are replaced by the sodium ions in the brine solution. This enables the resin bed to continue extracting minerals from the hard water. Once this process is done, the brine solution will be flushed down the drain pipe along with the calcium and magnesium ions. It must also be serviced on a regular basis.
  3. Central Processing Unit – yes, this is the brain of your water softener. It has three parts: the meter, the valbe assemble and the timer.
  • Meter – it measures the levelk of calcium and magnesiym ions in the resin bed and starts the brine flush when it is too high.
  • Valve assembly – it helps the water pass from one part to the other.
  • Timer – this is used to decide when the machine is started and the duration for which it functions.

Aside form these water softener parts, the sodium carbonate is a very important component as well. This is because it is the main ingredient of the whole system.

Knowing the different water softener parts will help you understand more your machine and at the same time, you will know how it works. This is very important because you are the owner and you should be able to distinguish the parts and know how it works.

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