What are the best man duties in a wedding?

There are best man duties that a best man should do, the same with the maid of honor. Since you’re the best man you will be the groom’s right hand all throughout the preparation before the wedding and the wedding day itself. That is why you need to be dependable and trustworthy because this only happens once in the life of the groom. Make the most out of it and you should be honored to have been given the responsibility, it means that the groom treasures you as one of his closest friends.

Here are some of the general best man duties:

  • Plan and organize the bachelor party.
  • Make sure that all the groomsmen have the proper wedding attire and have been for all their fittings.
  • Collect and return all the groomsmen’s formal wear rentals after the wedding day.
  • Be present at all the pre-wedding parties including the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
  • Help the groom to get dresses on the day of the wedding.
  • You will need to distribute and be sure that the entire male wedding party and wearing their buttonhole corsages.
  • Payment of the pastor’s fee.
  • Organize the ushers. They should arrive before the ceremony.
  • Don’t forget the wedding rings.
  • Sign the wedding register as witness.
  • Help them inside the car after the wedding ceremony.
  • If there’s no hired driver, it’s your task to drive the newlyweds to their wedding reception.
  • You should manage and organize the ushers in the wedding reception.
  • Mingle with the guests.
  • You will do the first toast, so prepare a speech.
  • Dance with the maid of honor.
  • Make sure that all the gifts are taken from the recption back to the couple’s home.
  • Make sure that their honeymoon bags are packed.

Being a best man can be a tedious task since you will be organizing and managing a lot of things, but since this is for your friend do the best that you can do and do these duties as this is expected from you because you’re the best man. You can also coordinate with the maid of honor when you’re in the ceremony or reception but the maid of honor can’t help you with everything because she will be taking care of the bride. Doing these best man duties will surely be appreaciated not only by the groom but by the whole wedding party.

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