What To Look For In A Home Inspection?

What to look for in a home inspection? Before you buy a house or you sell a house, it is very important that you set up an inspection of the home by hiring a home inspector. Pre-owned homes may have problems that are not easily spotted on the initial tours of the home and it should be identified before sealing the deal.

The plumbing, electrical and other mechanical systems are inspected for defects and issues by a home inspector. What to look for in a home inspection also includes your home inspector conducting a thorough inspection of the foundation of the home for cracks and other issues that can cause serious problems in the future. It also includes staircases, structural beams, and other home features to ensure the structure is safe for people to live in.

what to look for in a home inspection

What to look for in a home inspection also includes the examinations of walls and floors for water damage, mold and other problems that are hazardous to the health of the occupants and may be dangerous to the integrity of the structure. The water damage if often behind walls or under flooring and may not be readily evident to individuals.

If you’re thinking of what to look for in a home inspection, make sure that your home inspector inspects that outside of the home like the drainage systems to ensure that the water flows away from the foundation. This is because standing water can cause serious foundation problems and all gutters and grading should all lead water away from the home.

If you want to have a pest control and hazardous materials like lead paint, asbestos, and gas leaks inspected, you will need to hire a licensed and certified home inspector. This will have a higher home inspection cost but it will be worth it and this will ensure you the safety of your home.

Always keep in mind to have a home inspection checklist with you so you can keep up with the whole inspection. Also, having a checklist will also allow you to do the whole inspecting yourself, although you will be able to inspect only the visible things.

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