What You Need to Know About Trade Show Tables

Do you want to make your trade show tables look more fun and draw more attention from people and especially your target audience? Luckily for you, you are on the right page!

Here are some of things that you can add to your trade show tables:

  1. Table top display
  2. Pop up display
  3. Literature display
  4. Risers
  5. Banners
  6. Table runners

These things can strategically be combined in order to make a compelling trade show table exhibit. Having some of these things will definitely help you accomplish your goal.

However, before you think about those things, there are some things that you should consider first when it comes to trade show tables.

  1. Purpose of the table
  2. Its relation to other displays that you wish to put on the table
  3. The things the table will hold
  4. The size of the table

Now, whatever the function of your trade show tables, have the design incorporate the elements that will make the whole table work for you. For example, if you’re promoting a product, you can use colorful table runners, risers and pop up displays to create interest and drama into the table. On the other hand, if you are using the table to give information, go for a table top display that will best showcase the information and at the same time will make the whole thing convenient for possible customers to take literature pieces that they want. For demonstration purposes, keep all the features simple. A solid colored table runner will do the trick and maybe some literature displays in a corner.

When it comes to trade show tables, the simplest tip that you can get from experts or well-experienced people who often participate in trade shows is to keep everything well matched. It will also be great if you stick to a theme or something that is related to what you’re promoting or demonstrating. You have to keep in mind as well that trade show table covers will play such an important role so choose colors and designs that will go well with your displays, banners and others.

Designing and making your trade show tables aren’t hard. All you have to do is keep all these tips in minds and you’re all set to set up that table of yours. Expect to have a lot of interested people coming to you as well!

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