Writing a best man speech: things you should know

When writing a best man speech, there are some things that you will need to keep in mind in order for your speech to be more effective and to captivate attention of the wedding guests. As a best man, you are chosen because you are the closest person to the groom and you know a lot of things about him and you have shared a lot of memories together and it is time to write it down and make a speech on your bestfriend’s special day.

Grab your pen and paper as it is best to write down your speech.

  • Make you speech short – remember that not everyone wants to listen to a long speech and this will likely bore the guests. Keeping everything short and still making everything meaningful with a touch of humor is the best. A 5-minute speech will work best and should not definitely exceed that time frame.
  • Make an intorduction. Introduce yourself and include also how many years you have known the groom. This will make the guests understand why you are the best man.
  • Write down a few good one-liner jokes that guests can relate to. Don’t go for something that will be offensive to the bride or other guests as well. Keep everything light.
  • Throw in a couple of compliments for the bride.
  • Write about how the newlyweds are very suited with each other and how the groom changed when he met the bride.
  • Thanks the parents and the guest. This is tradition and this usually should be written down at the end of the whole speech.
  • Make some notes if you feel nervous and memorize what you have written because you don’t want to stand in front of the whole crowd with a piece of paper in your hand because this will lose its meaning and this will be less sincere.

Your speech should be heartfelt and very sincere with a couple of jokes to make the guests laugh and the newlyweds as well because this will also serve as an ice breaker especially if you’re the first speaker in the wedding. Keep in mind those tips when writing down your best man speech and remember that if you feel nervous, it is better to write it down, in fact even if you’re confident enough you should still write everything down to make everything more meaningful and for you not to say things that will be offensive or make the guests geel out-of-place and awkward. Writing a best man speech will make you have the best speech as possible.

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