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Antique Silver Spoons – Through The Years

Antique silver spoons – the beauty of collecting

Collecting antique silver spoons is known to be a prized hobby of antique collectors. The joy and satisfaction they feel when they search and find unique and perfect antique silver spoons to add to their growing collection. The spoon is a tool that has been used during the prehistoric period. In the Bible, it mentions that gifts of gold spoons were used for religious and ceremonial purposes. It is also known than an antique silver spoon was used for Christening and was engraved with the Chi Rho symbol which means “Christ” and is given to the child to confirm baptism. Also, antique silver spoons or silver spoons back in the days were only used among the wealthy and royalty and many of the antique spoons did not survive but luckily, there are still many antique silver spoons and those made of gold that have survived to this day.

All about antique silver spoons

Antique silver spoons are very valuable, indeed. During the 1300s in England, every silversmith was required to have his own mark including his city, date, duty and standard marks to make it easier for collectors and dealers to identify the age and value of antique silver spoons. Even though these antique silver spoons were created for beauty and use, most of these tell a store by its own design and markings. Antique collectors are amused by the whimsy and humor represented in many of the antique silver spoons. There are some silver spoons that denote royalty and display the crest of markings of the family.

Today, you can find antique silver spoons of the 16th century presented with birds, doves, owls and pinecones while there are others with flutes, balls, spears and scallops.

The mid-17th century showed the change in the shape of the bows and stem of the antique silver spoons. The stem became more simpler and flat in order to suit the Puritanical taste and knops on the end of the stem disappeared. Throughout the next century, the shapes of the stems on the spoons began to display a variety of graceful artistic shapes . Some are curved up while others are curved down and these changes were made in the shape of the stem, from plain to ornate.

As you can see, silver spoons went through a lot of changes as the years go by. It is very fortunate that these silver spoons have been well-kept and preserved making then value much higher. As the years go by, these antique silver spoons will continue on increasing its value as long as you maintain it properly.