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Learning more about decorating your homes with French style furniture

If you want to give your home a vintage yet elegant feel, then you will surely need a couple of French style furniture! The design of this furniture is very subtle and elegant which is the perfect choice if you want to bring out that vintage feel in your home. A lot of home owners prefer classy and simple design but speaks quality rather than decoration.

The most common and main material used in French style furniture is hardwood or other variations of raw wood that is crafted into different designs. You will notice the long deep cuts and free flowing lines which symbolizes French style bedroom furniture which will allow you to build a relaxed and comforting environment all around. Also, if you’re the type of person who’s into French decoration, you will notice the lush flower patterns and natural curves that are very common in household furniture.

French style furniture is usually found in bedrooms and living rooms. This achieves that elegant and classic style that many home owners aims for. You will find a wide variety of this style of furniture today. There are some that are designed and styled from natural materials such as oak wood to be able to capture a hint of French country during the historic times.

French style furniture can be found in the most common items such as beds, desks, dining tables, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets and a lot more. Also, bedside lamps, drapes and lamp shades are also included in this package of French country style and it can play a very significant role in bringing out a modern look when used correctly in the interior décor of your home.

Decorating your home with French style furniture is very easy, as mixing and matching it with other furniture is very interesting and exciting. You will surely have a lot of fun mixing things together.

All about French settee

Antique lovers adore and appreciate the classic French settee. This kind of chair has exposed wooden frames that are usually carved and its seats and backs are upholstered. Usually, a French settee is fairly small and can fit two people comfortable. This is very regal and elegant.

It is very possible that it is your first time to encounter the word settee and you might be surprised to know that a settee, a sofa and a couch are all the same, all have the same meaning. Now this French settee that we’re talking about is a sofa but comes in French style. If you are not an antique collector yet you appreciate French furniture, you will surely love this particular piece.

Expect a French settee to look very elegant and classy. It’s not your ordinary couch or sofa that you can just sit on. In fact, when you see one, you will definitely fix your posture and you might not even have the urge to lie down and put up your feet. Yes, this settee is really very elegant. Putting one in your living room or other parts in your home will evoke a Victorian feel.

A lot of people loves Victorian-inspired homes and to achieve that “feel”, a French settee will do the trick. It may look all so regal and elegant but you will be surprised how comfortable the couch is. The most common setter are the two-seater but you can find a French settee the size of the regular sofas we have today. However, most people today prefer the two-seater as this is much easier to find instead of the large ones.

You should know as well that there are genuine antique French settee that you can purchase but this is very rare and its rarity affects its cost which simply means that it is really expensive. On the other hand, if you don’t have the right amount of budget for a genuine antique, you will find a lot of reproductions of this which are more affordable without sacrificing its elegance and comfort.

Learning more about French antique reproductions

A lot of French antique reproductions are now being sold today. This is because of the gaining popularity of French antique in homes, hotels and other commercial places. However, if you’re going to buy a number of pieces of French antique furniture, unless you have a billion dollars, you will surely go broke. This is why a lot of people settle for French antique reproductions.

French antique reproductions are being sold in a lot of stores. Furniture stores may have what you need. However, it is very impossible to look for it in antique stores and garage sales. These reproductions resemble genuine French antiques but without the value the genuine ones have. This is the catch of the whole thing. On the other hand, these reproductions are more affordable.

Some hotels, restaurants and other commercial stores stock up for French antique reproductions instead of genuine ones. This is because it is more practical and at the same time, the elegance, class and beauty are still there. Aside from this, they find it more practical because it will be frequently used by random guests. Imagine if that’s a genuine antique, it will surely depreciate in value because of too much usage and it is very possible that it acquire damages that cannot easily be fixed unless you use expensive materials.

Another reason why some people settle for French antique reproductions is because they don’t have to spend a lot of money for its maintenance. If you’re putting the furniture in places that usually have a huge number of people, be practical and settle for reproductions instead.

Unraveling the characteristics of French bedroom furniture

A lot of homeowners are fascinated with French bedroom furniture. Who wouldn’t want a tough of elegance and class in their bedrooms? However, not everyone knows exactly what they’re looking for which is why knowing the main characteristics and design features will really help them determine the what kind of bedroom furniture they need or want.

Characteristics of French bedroom furniture

You should know that French bedroom furniture is traditionally made from wood. For genuine antique pieces, these are made from hard woods such as mahogany but modern version today are manufactured in softer, cheaper wood which makes it more budget-friendly after all, such furniture is no longer designed to be status symbols but rather practical, functional items. Aside from this, you must know that wooden veneers are sometimes used and finished with a nice polished look. Walnut is that popular choice for veneers because of its beautiful grain. For beds, these are sometimes made out of wrought iron which is sturdy with intricate designs.

For the colors, french bedroom furniture has a distinguishing characteristic. White is the most common and popular choice. If you want something less plain, there ire other items in light pastel colors. Mauves, eggshell, lavander, mint greens and blues will add a little more character and will perfectly blend with white pieces.

It is also important that you distinguish the shape. You will notice that heavier wooden items of French bedroom furniture are quite chunky and straightforward when it comes to their design and shape. On the other hand, the most attractive features of French bedroom furniture are their delicate shapes that are often used on the legs of items such as dressing table legs and spindly curved legs of French style chairs. For the heavier shapes, it will have some curved shapes such as scrolled feet on beds and wardrobes.

If you notice the detailing of French bedroom furniture, you will realize that this one of the stand out features they have which are carvings that are mostly used. Ornate detailing is both classic and classy and can set this style of furnishing aside from modern pieces.

European furniture

No one can deny the class and elegance that European furniture brings. A lot of people gets easily attracted to such furniture. However, there are some things that one must know when buying European furniture. Remember that there is a wide range of different styles and options to choose from. However, if you want the best furniture, you should know that the best ones reflect their European origin and offers something different to the rest of non-European furniture.

Mixing modern contemporary with European furniture

The great thing about buying European furniture is that you have a lot to choose from. Aside from this, such furniture will look great in a lot of home décor. You see, there is a lot of designer furniture that will definitely look great in modern looking setting. So, even if you have a contemporary home, there is nothing wrong with mixing it with European furniture as there are now a lot of modern furniture from countries such as France and Rome who are very well-known for their beautiful designs of furniture.

Germany also puts a lot of highly modern looking European furniture and there are also a lot of well-known designers of this particular furniture.

For people who have a traditional taste, a lot of options of European furniture!

However, if your “furniture taste” is on the traditional side, then there is also a lot of antique or antique-looking European furniture that you can choose from and much of these furniture are from England. With these traditional or classic furniture, it will give your home a very Victorian look and make your home look like an old manor house or a country home.

European furniture doesn’t need to be expensive but it is very likely that you will encounter a lot of expensive ones especially if you’re looking for real antiques. However, if you’re on a budget, you can find many fairly modern and cheap European furniture that’s made to look like antique modern furniture. In some cases, there are some people that settle for antiquing European furniture to make it look distressed.

So, whether you have a roll of cash or on a tight budget, you can still satisfy your love for European furniture as you have a lot of options to choose from. Remember that there is really no need to break the bank as long as you have the cash to back it up.

Simplicity and elegance: Country French furniture

Country French furniture never goes out of style. If you are thinking of making your home contemporary then French furnishings is the answer. It is elegant, classy, and highly-functional and it can set every home outstanding from other homes. Muted tones are the most commonly used French colors and such colors are seen with country French furniture.

What makes country French furniture stand out?

The unique characteristic of country French furniture like being able to add a touch of color to a dull color makes these furniture very popular. On the other hand, choosing a piece of such furniture can subdue the garish overtones of an overly glitzy interior. This kind of furniture is a great addition to your home especially if you are not exactly sure of what blends in with existing décor.

Country French furniture first appeared when the shabby chic concept was beginning to gain credibility. Most buyers drape their furniture pieces with sheets or blankets to create interior decors that can transform in minutes. Country French furniture evokes simplicity in design and you will not find any ornate carvings or intricate embellishments. However, this does not mean that country French furniture is not crafted well. The simple design adds a touch of elegance and blends with any existing color seamlessly. Typically, country French furniture is created with hand made solid wood items that are distressed by hand to give the worn and loved patina of a fine antique.

Learning more about country French furniture

Another interesting thing that you must know about country French furniture is that genuine pieces are handcrafted and never machine made. This gives every piece of country French furniture a special feel. Each piece of furniture is unique.

So, if you want to transform your home into a warm, welcoming and cozy place, country French furniture is the best way to go. There are many of these available online which makes it easier for busy homeowners as they are given the chance to shop and choose country French furniture from the comforts of their own home.